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Mechanical & Auto Electrical Repairs | North Shore Sydney

We can accomplish mechanical and electrical repairs on the side of the road providing it is a small job and dependant upon the make and model of the vehicle and the type of work to be performed. Such small jobs can include wiring repairs, alternator replacement, battery replacement, coil/spark plugs replacement, starter motor replacement, replacement of some solenoids/actuators/sensors, module coding and resetting of adaptations.

Larger jobs will require the vehicle to be driven or towed to the workshop where the work will be carried out over a few hours or days dependant upon the work required. These include replacing alternators, starter motors, timing belt/chains, water pumps, larger wiring harness repairs, module replacements, coding and programming.

Fees and charges:

Dependant upon make/model of vehicle and the work to be performed

How the process works:

  1. The process of repairing with us begins by creating a quotation for the customer
  2. The quotation can be based on either genuine or aftermarket parts
  3. Once quotation is chosen, the amount of labour required is added to the quotation
  4. The work will be carried out to a high level of quality and will include limited warranty

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